Nandita Sikchi is an amalgamation of the past and present. A space that is truly inspired by the Indian heritage. Based in Pune, India embracing Indian roots, fabrics and craftsmanship for over a decade. At NS we house a range of luxe-pret wear which focuses on designs that lean towards a quieter aesthetic.

We aim to elevate Indian craftsmanship to its clearest and freshest visual form. At NS we are swamping to purer and long-lasting fabrics. Garments that are handcrafted using responsibly-sourced materials and time-honored techniques.

We ensure that every garment designed is thoughtful in itself. It has to be ethical as well as comfortable for you to wear.
For us your clothes should move as we move. It is about a hassle-free affair with clothing, wherever you are. We focus on ensuring that age-old crafts and skills are sustained and passed on to the next generation. Through NS we are trying to value and support Indian craftsmanship which has been long replaced by mass production.